SCAM!! is a SCAM,They are so called Re-sellers They give you the lowest price of your domains and then Steal them whenever they want, They scammed over 10,000 + Domains of People, They have scammed me too and must have scammed you too? Or maybe scam you in future STAY AWAY!!! its a clear cut warning

Some Important Topics on some of the Biggest Webmasters Forum, Check the People Reviews

Instant-deploy | Affiliate System = Scam !

SCAM with my Domains and by INSTANT-DEPLOY and paypal lost ??


Instant Deploy To An End

Is this a legitimate domain registrar

Instant Deploy Scam

instant-deploy my domain disabled


Instant deploy scam

Now what are you Waiting for? Just spread the word stop these morons! they are selling theft domains on SEEDO!

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Hello world!

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